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Always knowing I was different from others, I often felt isolated and rarely fitted in. My friendships, as well as relationships, were always unstable due to lack of confidence and no self worth. Little did I know at the time, I was creating my life to be so destructive. 

My life as a child was always challenging, I grew up not knowing my father, as well as not feeling appreciated or loved. Although, as an adult I know now to some degree, my family loved me the best way they knew how, but as a child I never felt it, so I grew up feeling very lonely and withdrawn. Due to this, of course the cycle continued, into my teen years, where I always attracted the wrong company, as well as toxic relationships. 

Before I truly allowed myself to become a full functioning spiritual being, I made many mistakes. After several years, my inner spirit told me to leave my toxic relationships, other wise I may never be able to create a better life for myself. So I did, upon doing so I searched high and low for answers to help create a better life. It wasn't long until I realized, after reading several books and talking with other spiritual beings, I was given the knowledge, the answer was within me! I was in control of my own thoughts and it was time to create my own journey, one in which I deserve. By using positive affirmations and re-training myself to believe I can be happy if only I focused on the goodness in my life, instead of the problems.

I am so grateful everyday for my experiences, as if I did not have these challenges, I wouldn't be the person I am today. Strong, healthy and capable of anything I put my mind too, which includes writing my first novel The Unexpected Journey of Eden Jacobson, Published February 2017.

You to can make your life turn around for the better, even if it's just a small change it is your journey, its much more pleasant creating it on purpose then by default. 

Love & Light             


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