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The meaning of the word Reiki:

Rei- Spiritual or Sacred 
Ki- Energy 

Reiki is preformed either hands on or as a distant healing.
As a Reiki practitioner, I can work on healing all levels of a person, regardless of age. Children I have encountered during my time, love the healing touch of Reiki.
Healings take place, where you the client need's it most, it also addresses health issues such as, physical, emotional, mental & spiritual imbalances. 
The healing touch of Reiki, works through out your auric field & Chakra System, which during & after your healing, leaves your body feeling lighter & balanced, to provide you with, optimal health.
Often, I receive messages & images during these sessions, in which I disclose with you during the healing. 
Sessions usually can take anywhere from 45 minutes to an hour, regardless if done hands on or distant. Distant Reiki healing's, have the same effects as it would do, if the treatment was done hands on, the beauty of Distant Reiki is, that it's preformed, in the comfort of your own home. As life can often be challenging, especially when it comes to finding time for ourselves, this treatment allows you to relax in your own home. I give you as the client, a time to be calm & relaxed, generally at night when its time to unwind for the evening, I ask if you lay on your bed or lounge where ever you feel most comfortable & enjoy the relaxing, healing energy of Reiki. Any messages I receive, during these healing's I would note down & either email or telephone so you have an indication of what messages your guides what you to know. This is entirely up to you, to make the choice of how you receive this information. 


Reiki One & Two

This is where you learn the history of Reiki, learn to conduct healing's on yourself, others, animals, plants as well as send distant healing's. You would spend, a large quality of time conducting healing's, in these work shops as well as learning to meditate, to allow yourself to quiet your mind & gain any information your spirit guides have for you. 
You will be attuned to the Reiki Symbols to enable you to heal.

Reiki Three & Masters

This work shop is generally for people, who would like to take that one step further, in teaching others by conducting Reiki work shops & learning more symbols for empowerment. 

These work shops, are done over a weekend, for further information please feel free to email me.


I use a range of different techniques for Spiritual Guidance sessions. This is where I teach you, a simple technique of how to let go of anything, that is holding you back from succeeding in your life. Ever felt stuck & wondering why? Feel worried or stress, sad or angry, poor health, under or over weight, unloved or suffering grief? These techniques will help teach you, to live your life with no restrictions. 
There is a small amount of preparation required, before coming to these sessions, in which I will disclose with you before your appointment. These sessions are conducted face to face & over the telephone if you live long distance, sessions can take anywhere from 1 hour to 1.5. At the end of these sessions, I will provide you with written information, to help you continue practicing these techniques, in the comfort of your own home.

There is generally something, holding us back from living the life we dream, my desire is to help you work out, what that is, to enable you to enrich your life, full of happiness, abundance, love & good health. 


These sessions range from 45minutes - 1hour and can be conducted face to face or distant. Usually best as distant, while the children are asleep, as done with adults, purely as they can become quiet irritated, having to lay in the same spot for long periods of time. This way they are asleep & are comfortable at home. Generally, when the children are older & request the healing they are more likely, to stay calm & still for the duration of the healing. Reasons why most parents seek healing for there children, are purely because they are unsettled, not fitting in well with other children, playing up more then usual, unwell or withdrawn for example. These are signs for us adults, as these little angels are reaching out for our help. As done with adults, I conduct a Reiki Healing, as well as work with the angels to provide the child with a sense of security & feeling more balanced. 


These readings can be done either face to face, or over the telephone, even at times I have had clients ask me to email, their readings, due to their hectic life style. 
During Angel Intuitive Readings, I ask the Angels & Spirit, to provide messages for you, & ask them questions you may have about your life, weather it be about a relationship, work place or what path should you choose next. The Angels are here to be of assistance & give you the answers you seek.


Generally, Dream Intuitive Readings are sent via email or discussed over the telephone. In most case's, I receive emails asking for help in describing, what a particular dream means, here in the physical world. Especially, if the dream is repetitive, which indicates something needs to be addressed. 
Anything we see, feel or hear repeatedly, is a sign or a message from your spirit guides & the angels, asking you to take notice of there message's. Whether it be a business idea, how to fix a relationship or end one, as often more times then one, they are giving us a warning, which we often ignore. 


House Blessings are conducted, generally to help provide your home & family to gain prosperity, beauty, nourishment & light. I have conducted blessings, after the owners have lived in there homes for years, as well as before moving into there new homes. Positive feed back from owners range from, the blessings they received guided them to making healthy life style changes, changing furniture & maintaining new ways of gaining income and also feel a sense of peace in there surroundings. Many who purchase new homes/rent new homes, have blessings conducted, to clear away any negative energies from previous owners.


These blessings are much the same as a house blessings, although conducted in your work space or business. Most whom purchase new businesses tend to book a blessing to clear away any negative energies from previous owners, to allow a fresh positive start to there business.


Entities/Spirits often become stuck here, in the physical world, unable to go to the light. Usually in these case's, they are in limbo, because they choose to stay, in a home or work place, where there loved one's once lived. These sessions, can be conducted either in the home or distant both are effective. This is where, the spirit is asked to go to the light & usually they have a story to tell, as to why they have not left, after acknowledging the spirits reasons as to why they have stayed, I guide them to the light often with assistance from the angels. 
Often children see these spirits, many parents are oblivious to these sightings. Have you ever heard your child say, I seen someone in my room or in the lounge room? You have a look and there is no one to be found. Often, children will scream & cry unable to describe what they have seen, best to take them out of that room, calm them down & try putting them in that room again, if the same behavior occurs, that is a huge indicator there is a spirit in that room. In that case, best thing to do is leave that room, to ensure your child is not distressed. My son often see's spirits outside, I assure him they can not enter our home, due to the protection in & around it. Acknowledging our children when they see such spirits, is so important as it allows them to continue having spiritual visions. Many are told off for such stories & they quickly make the choice to keep it to themselves, which is upsetting to any child. They want to be heard & trusted just like everyone else on the planet. 


All sessions are confidential, if you require any more information please don't hesitate to email me. As a Spiritual Being, providing all with my guidance, it is important to be aware I am not a counselor, so if you are seeking medical attention for depression etc, I encourage you to continue your current treatment, as well as seek Spiritual Guidance, as the two combined can enable you, to allow yourself freedom from the worries of life.

Love & Light


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