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The Unexpected Journey of Eden Jacobson ...

After several years of writing my first novel The Unexpected Journey of Eden Jacobson, my dream of publishing came true this February 2017. My books are available from many on-line book stores including Amazon. This is a supernatural, spiritual style novel, covering everything from Romance, Heartbreak, Action and Supernatural themes as well as Characters of the same nature.

About the book:

Eden Jacobson is nothing close to the average twenty year old beauty. she has a secret power, one kept well hidden even from her closest of friends.
With endless relationships that destroy her self-worth along with her soul,

Eden continues to endure a life of emptiness and despair. That is until Chase Matthews unexpectedly enters her life.

Although Eden feels a sense of oneness with Chase, happiness comes at a price.

Will her secret destroy her one sense of normality of life and eliminate everything she has ever loved?

If you are interested in purchasing you're own copy, I've attached 2 links below for your convenience. This will be the first of 3 novels in this series.


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