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A few words from Emily Jolley

I went to Samantha for a Reiki session last year, as I was feeling a little overwhelmed while trying to fall pregnant and was prepared to do anything to feel more relaxed. I was told by many doctors and professionals that me stressing could affect the process of falling pregnant, which worried me even more. Samantha did Reiki on me and I can’t explain how I felt afterwards. I felt relieved like a tonne of bricks had come off my shoulders and I felt refreshed and could take on the world. My back wasn’t sore anymore and my body felt like it hadn’t felt in years, because I was so relaxed. Samantha was also able to speak to her spirit guides and assist me in some of my personal issues and to assure me that everything was going to be ok.  Since then my husband and I have successfully fallen pregnant with a baby girl which we are really looking forward to meeting in May.  Thank you so much Sam for all your help and support.

Emily Jolley
Bethania, Queensland

A few words from Dana

Hello my name is Dana and I am lucky enough to have been able to experience three different types of services that Samantha offers. I have had my angel cards read both in person and via the telephone, she has performed Reiki on myself and distant Reiki for my son. I find Samantha to be extremely accurate, caring and helpful. When doing the angel cards I cannot describe how spot on she was from everything to do with, my love life, studies, children and health and so much more! My Reiki experience left me so relaxed that I nearly left my son at school because I lost track of time, which never happens! With the distant Reiki my son went in for dental surgery at the hospital under general anesthetic, I contacted Samantha as he was going in and she sent angels and healing energy to him, he shamefully had 5 teeth removed but incredibly had no reaction whatsoever to the anesthetic or the procedure, was eating normal food that night and only had to have one dose of nurophen throughout his entire recovery process! Amazing! I have been so happy with my experiences with Samantha I have even bought gift vouchers for my friends and highly recommend her to anyone seeking help in any aspect of their lives. Thank you Samantha for opening my eyes and helping me to appreciate the little things in life you truly are an inspirational person :)

Dana, South Brisbane

A few words from Nickolas

Hi Sam! Reki did wonders (sorry if I spelt it wrong!) Any shoulder pain I was experiencing when training at the gym has disappeared completely. Can’t thank you and the Angels enough. Thought I’d update you. Any scepticism has completely vanished. This …. Is legit.

Nickolas 17
South Brisbane

A few words from Kayla

Hi Sammy at the gym now, first session in a week, before I came I stretched really well and I had heat packs on my legs and cold packs on my hips, so I will text you afterwards and let you know how it goes. Oh my hips have no more pain in them, since the reiki, really is a miracle worker J xxx Hi Sammy just finished up at the gym and when I was running my legs went really well only a slight pain in my calves xxx

“Kayla had come to me with hip, lower back & leg pain… I showed Kayla stretches to do & also advice on what to do to manage the pain, as well as preform a Reiki Healing on her. Reiki is very much so a miracle worker! As she is no longer in pain.”

Kayla 15
South Brisbane

A few words from Caitlin 

I turned to Samantha because I knew I was hanging onto hurt and anger from difficult life experiences...   I knew hanging onto these emotions was using up my energy in a negative way and 'blocking' me from moving forward with my life, but I did not know how to let go of these emotions. Samantha walked me though 'Spiritual Guidance’ using the art of letting go and I was able to let go of my hurt and anger. I also had a reading with Samantha. Despite knowing Samantha for several years, in the reading Samantha knew things about me that I had never told anyone. Samantha also made predictions about my future and to my delight they have come true. I know in my heart that Samantha showing me how to let go of past hurt is what made room for the positive things in my life today.   If you are feeling frustrated and not sure of where to go next with your life.....go to Sam.  She will clear your past and show you the way forward in a way that must be experienced to be believed. 

Caitlin, Brisbane  

A few words from Tanya-Louise Begg

Samantha is an Angel, and I am so grateful to have been lead to her for Spiritual Guidance over the past couple of years.
In my life I have experience times of hurt, upset and relationship disaster, which had lead me to not believe in myself or my ability to be who I want to be in life. She has helped me tap into my divine love, happiness, forgiveness, self worth and Inner peace, through angel card and general readings, Reiki, house blessing, spiritual awareness and guidance.
Along my path Samantha astounds me with things she sees in her readings, and sure enough down the track there they are. She has opened up the awareness of not only my own spirituality but also of that of my daughter who in the past 12 months since being open to learning and listening, has matured so much and I am now assured that the path I had started her on as a young girl is now the wonderful path she will be taking as an adult. She grows each and every day, coming out with positive and inspiring words of wisdom way beyond her years.
There comes a point in life when we realise what our challenges in life are and the true core of our issues and they stem from as well as the layers we are usually afraid to uncover. Samantha has been there for us opening our hearts, minds and spirits to enable us to uncover these stems and layers and find the best way to understand and overcome the emotional challenges of releasing these issues. Knowing that you can grow more and more each day for the remainder of our lives once you chose to permanently remove the "blocks"and free ourselves from our old negative energy.
I would not be where I am today if it were not for Samantha being a part of our lives, self-growth journey, teaching us that we have the power to manifest what we want to attract in my life. I know for myself I have felt a complete change in my energy, my awareness of life, and what it has to offer. I am so profoundly affected by her work with my daughter and I, and we are so very blessed to have met her.
Samantha is a beautiful spiritual gift to not only her children and husband but also humanity itself.
I would highly recommend to anyone who is seeking personal healing and meaningful advice to get in contact with her and see for yourself how your life's journey can change to what you want it to be.
Tanya-Louise Begg
Brisbane, QLD

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