Peaceful Lady Of Love & Light ~ Author  - Angel Intuitive Readings, Reiki Healings, Spiritual Guidance

Spiritual Guidance has always been my passion, as well as a way of life, my only intent is to provide all my knowledge to everyone whom I meet. It will enable you, as the client to gain a sense of empowerment in your own life, allowing you to create your own journey one step at a time. 

As our minds are very powerful tools, I believe if everyone around the globe, knew just how powerful our thoughts were, we could all create a more, peaceful and harmonious planet for all.

During my time in providing Guidance to my ever growing clients, I have noticed it is often suitable for most, to have readings after hours due to family, work and lifestyle choices. I am excited to announce that I am ever so happy to provide an after hours service, as well as normal business hours, to ensure I reach every person possible, to make a difference in helping them create their journey.
I also offer over the telephone Angel Intuitive Readings & Spiritual Guidance appointments, as well as distant Reiki Healings.

For further service's provided, please click on the Healings & Readings tab.

My only intention has always been, to help heal the planet & touch the lives of all who live among me. My focus is to provide high quality service to my clients, as well as offering a gentle way of guiding you into the life you deserve!

As a token of my appreciation for life, $10.00 from anything I receive, is donated to charity. The joy I receive from giving is far more rewarding then receiving. 

Believing is seeing!

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